Publié : 30 mai 2008
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Rosa Parks

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The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks was born in 1913. She got married to Raymond Parks. They were active in NAACP (1) and Rosa Parks also worked with the Voters League to prepare Blacks to register to vote.
On December 1, 1955 she took a seat on the bus and she refused to give it up to a white man. She was arrested for disobeying the law in Alabama. It was forbidden (2) because in Alabama the law (3) required (4) black people to give up their seats to White people. After she was arrested, all Black people decided to boycott the bus company. Reverend Martin Luther King became the leader of the boycott. He claimed nonviolent action and his favorite expression was « We must use the weapon of love ».
Since then Rosa Parks has often been called : « Mother of the Civil Rights Movement ».
She died in 2005.

(1) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
(2) forbid / forbade / forbidden : interdire
(3) law : la loi
(4) require : ici, exiger

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